Life lessons I learned from scheduling social media posts? 

I use Hootsuite App to schedule my posts on Facebook timeline & also for tweets on Twitter. (You can also use the same. It allows you to schedule posts in future date).

The life lessons I learned from scheduling posts in past 6 months:

Scheduling via Hootsuite.

##Months Pass Very Swiftly. 

I use this strategy to schedule posts. Like it is 12th Nov today so the same post will appear on 12th Dec., 12th Jan 2017, 12th Feb 2017, & so  on.

Each time I schedule a post, I can feel how months have passed very swiftly. It also reminds me of the deadlines  I have missed & the pending work to be done.

Also when I open my Facebook account I can see posts automatically made by Hootsuite on my timeline making me realise – it has been a month since I had scheduled for this post or may be more!

So, value your time. In between daily chores you forget how much time you had wasted & how much more could have been accomplished. 

##Future is Scary.

I have scheduled posts till year 2019. That’s the power of automation. But what if I won’t be alive to see that day?

That’s scary. But we must always keep that day in mind. The end. We are here, on Earth for a limited number of time.

So, make your life more colorful. Enjoy it to the fullest.

We all will cease to exist one day. Peace.

What if I cease to exist?

##Like Calendar.

It’s like seeing calendar each day. It creates a sense of urgency. Dates will keep running in your mind.

But don’t get obsessed with dates. They are just numbers. What should matter to you is how you live your life. Numbers will cease to have meaning in your life after a time.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

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