How to achieve everything you want in just few months? 

How to achieve everything you want in just few months?


The key to achieving whatever you want in a very less time is “Momentum”.

Recall the time when you started working for your goals with momentum? You skipped lunches, gave more priority to your goal over other things, said No to many people, projects & parties. 
Momentum is everything. 

Once momentum is build everything starts falling into right place, at right time & with right people. 

Momentum is Everything_wiki

Recipe for momentum?

Strong “Why” for what you are going to begin with. It will help you to stay focused when you are met with series of failures. 

Since you have a strong why & you want to get things done, don’t care about  the deadlines. You must set deadlines but if you miss them, don’t worry. Once the momentum is build you will be astonished with your speed of working & will accomplish the goals even before the deadlines.

 Develop a sense of urgency. If not now then when? You were 15 when you first had a desire for something, now it is 21 & still your dream is the same. The bad thing is that you were afraid to take the first step. It is high time that you plunge into doing what you ought to do. Else it will be soon 60 without you ever stepping on the road to your dreams.

 Don’t care about others. They may criticise you. They may condemn you. They may try to demotivate you. But you must keep going. 

One day your inner-voice will light up & will guide you through the darkness & it will cease to matter what others say about you & your plans.

– Er. Amit Yadav

P.S. Once you achieve momentum, reap maximum benefits out of it, because it will not last long. It’s like a cycle. You have to struggle each time to get back the momentum. But it in those short-period of time that you achieve the maximum. 

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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