Why no success is “little”?

Majority of the people find this concept really difficult to grasp. Why no success is “little”?

##Multiplication of Success.

One success builds base for another. In other words, success attracts success aka success begets successful. No matter how little your success might seem to be but in reality it attracts another little success. 

Superman values each little success. Do you?

Let’s take an example.

Suppose by working for 6 months tirelessly you write a novel. There are two extreme possibilities. One is it does extraordinary well in the market & another being, it finds it hard even to get few hundred sales.

In both cases, you win.


Yes. I’m not joking. 

It is evident in the first possibility that your novel is a huge success. While in other extreme case, it’s you who had scored a victory. 

Here are few reasons in support of the same:

People hardly value their time. 

You did 6 months of productive work. Kudos to you!

The by-products are often ignored.

You wrote around 35K or more words that’s epic even if you wrote shit! Most people can’t even think of writing that much. Your typing speed would have enhanced probably. To get your novel published you would have contacted many traditional publishing houses. It would have brought new connections for you. Your writing skills would have become more polished. These changes though may seem very miniscule but you will see tremendous & unbelievable results if you could just repeat the entire process 2-3 times (i.e. 1-1.5 years).

So, getting your novel published was 1st little success  (*if it didn’t did well in the market).

But it opened new financial windows to you.

Another little success:

Freelancing opportunities like content-writing, paid Guest blog-posting, etc. You are likely to get more projects if you are a published author.

Another little success:

If you are good at public speaking then you can launch yourself as a Speaker for seminars & events (it increases your connections & you can also get paid substantially well).

Another little success:

In less than one year with new connections you will get multitude of bussiness & partnership offers if you had worked-hard.

And take my words, these new opportunities sprouting in your life, if utilised properly will change the due course of your life. It will make your life epic.

More opportunities will knock at your door. 

“Multiplication of Success” makes you Superman.

This is multiplication of success. It goes on multiplying. There comes a time when it starts multiplying exponentially. You just have to reach that threshold from where you start succeeding exponentially. Your life will change once for all.

P.S. Treasure each little success. One success will unfold another. 

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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