Why you must start taking freelancing seriously if you are in corporate sector?

Freelancing industry is expanding at a very rapid rate & is poised remain the same in the near future.

##You have a skill.

If you are working in a corporate sector then there is a great likelihood that you have skill-sets that could be offered as a freelancer to get paid like Website Designing, SEO services, Social Media Marketing, Consultancy Services, E-mail Marketing, Promotional Services, Brand Building, Graphic Designing, etc.

Even if you are not associated or working in a corporate sector you can begin with Translation Services  (choose English to your Mother Tongue; make use of Google translator), Data Entry Services, Tele-marketing, etc. Initially you just have to learn. Don’t care about the amount of money you can get. It will increase tremendously over time.

Freelancing_a new opportunity.

##Building Connections.

Connections are very vital in today’s scenario. Freelancing allows you to get in touch with other companies managers & key-position persons.

It helps you to develop connections in across cities & even countries. 

You can consult & get information from these connections anytime.

Another advantage is that they can introduce you to other key-persons in the industry. 

Even you can get into business partnerships with them.

##Investing More.

The key formula I use is, “spend 10% of what you earn from freelancing & save 90% for investments”.

Suppose you get a project that requires 10 hours of work & fetches you 3000 INR then you should bring fruits, juices, dry fruits or combination of any of them of 300 INR & should eat them while working on project for those 10 hours.

Rest 90% should be immediately invested somewhere, could be your Health policy, Pension policy, in your business or getting yourself trained or educated. 

It is high time that you must work part-time as a freelancer & make a substantial corpus to invest more.

Your regular job is sufficient to take care of your monthly expenses. But being on the safer side is nice by investing more as it helps you to build a strong foundation for future growth & development.

##Dealing with insecurity.

The jobs in corporate sector have become highly volatile & competitive. So, working as a freelancer provides you with a good back-up & replacement option in case you lose your job.

Even if you continue to work as a regular employee; there is no harm in utilising your “extra-time” to mint money to invest more.

P.S. 1. You also polish your skills working as a freelancer. It is just about practising your current skill-sets.

P.S. 2. You will also gain invaluable experience which shall be vital for your progress in future.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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