How to beat the stiff business competition if you are a non-techie.

Around 15 days ago, I attended the illuminate 2k16 at Hansraj College, Delhi.

Illuminate 2k16_Hansraj College

One of the attendee asked one of the speaker a very good question. It was that all recent entrepreneurs we hear about are from technical backgrounds especially B. Tech. How can I as a commerce graduate can start some online business? It is difficult for me as I don’t understand technical stuff?

He replied, “Find a co-founder who is from technical background”.


You must always choose a co-founder as someone from different background. It will complement your weaknesses.


One thing about business is that you will have  to learn  a lot. Not only technical stuff but business laws of your industry, finances, customer management, investor management, etc. You cannot escape from it. At least you will have to learn the basics. Else you won’t be able to give direction to your employees.


The most critical part about business is that people keep on procrastinating due to unavailability of human resource, capital, investors, infrastructure,  etc. While the fact is that you have to first start. Somehow if you don’t quit then everything will happen at right place with right people & at right time.

If at present your job or college commitments don’t allow you to work for your start-up full time then work part-time. No harm in that. When you start getting leads & business opportunities then you can work for it full-time.

Remember, beginning is the hardest in entrepreneurship. Once you are in the middle, you won’t feel like quitting due to the efforts you have made & money you have invested in. 
With Great Love,
Er. Amit Yadav


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