2 Great lessons I learned in Engineering?

I used to have a long night conversations with my close friend Manoj Rajora. It was in those conversations that I learned 2 great lessons. Since, it happened during the course of my graduation so termed it as “2 great lessons I learned in engineering”:

2 Great lessons I learned in engineering?

1. Everyone is making choices based upon their calculations. 

Put it in another way, everyone is looking for his/her interest. Majority of the people are self-absorbed & self-centered.

Or in the words of my close friend Manoj Rajora, ” सीधा तो कोई भी ना है।”

So, everyone is calculating all-the-time which is the best career for them (no wrong with it), how to excel in life (again no wrong with it) & how to get ahead using others (totally wrong as here human beings are used as means & not dealt with dignity, care & affection).
Observations: 1. you will meet many sweet-takers in life. The common thing is all are rational. The underlying principle is be in good terms with all. No one knows when you will need them. But there is no clause as such for मै भी किसी के काम आ जाऊँ।
2. Since they are rational. So, there is very little possibility that they will stand with you when you take a risk. Unlike your family or few close friend who will stand by you.

3. Since, ” सीधा तो कोई भी ना है।” so refrain from “telling people what to do or not to do” i.e. guidance. Everyone is aware of what’s right or wrong by early 20s.

Be very very selective to guidance as it requires your significant time.

2. No one is weak.

As Manoj Rajora used to put, “कमजोर तो कोई भी ना है” ।

So, do not mess unnecessarily with people. You will only lose something- time, money or relationships.

Even intellectually, when people make choices they consider their thought-of-plan to be the best!

– suggest only to those who would think deeply about it

– draw a boundary. Don’t go close to majority. Be limited to very few close friends as you have limited time.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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