The funny things about facebook.

Here are few funny observations about facebook:


1. People upload everything. 

By looking at posts of the people over fb you can figure out how many times they dine out, where they are travelling to, how they are feeling, etc. My brother even goes to an extent to call Facebook as a spying tool.

2. Humanity @ Facebook.

Humanity finds expression on Facebook because its difficult to be human in real life. Helping someone in real life is a tedious task. 

You can count yourself as a human-being by just being soft & warm in conversations over fb- yes bro, cool bro, highly inspiring, love you so much, thank you, Mr….ji honoured by your kind comment, etc.

Humanity over fb is a cheat. Don’t bet on it!

People love flaunting, chatting, talking about themselves- thanks to Facebook which allows them to fulfill their urge who otherwise would found it difficult to suppress their urges.

3. Myth of social capital. 

No one will stand besides you in hard-times except your true friends. Some consider Facebook as a social currency based on the assumptions of the number of comments & likes they receive on their status.

They forget to take into account the time they spend on fb to make that happen. It’s basically the principle of reciprocity. 

That is the result they obtain in the form of likes & comments is indicative of the likes & comments they did on others status & pics. So, its all virtual. Never get overwhelmed by them.

Usually only people who are doing great in real-life have real-fans following.

Try selling something on Facebook. The realities will hit you hard. 

4. The intellectuals.

Most youngsters feel they are the change sitting in front of computer & killing time on Facebook. Real change happens only when you do some serious work in real-life.

People after consuming misleading information, share & re-share it, reply to all comments on their status in the name of discussion. 

There is no real discussion among ill-informed. 

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

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