Eliminate mute spectators from your life.

There would be hard-times in your life. Times when you will struggle. Use this time as an opportunity to identify all the parasitic people in your life- the mute spectators & eliminate them.

You don’t need to wage wars against them. Just severe your ties with them over time.

Remember, time is the most valuable asset you have. You can use it to generate income, visit places, spend it with near & dear ones & to relax & rejuvenate yourself. You just need few quality people in your life to make it awesome.

Eliminate mute spectators_wiki

》Decline the requests.

They may request to meet you & may even try to sound more friendlier to you. But decline their requests humbly. Say you are busy working on some projects. Draw a line. Maintain a distance between you & them.
The core idea here is now what for? There should be no place to people in your life who only show up in the times of fortunes.

Have time exclusively only for time-tested friends. Rest your status should be BUSY.

》Avoid formalities.

Attending b’day parties, invitations to marriage ceremonies, etc. should be avoided.

There is no need to make an extra-effort for people for whom you stood by once & still they left you in bad times.

》Avoid making their reference.

Not even in your normal conversations they should find a mention.

It is futile to talk or discuss about them.

P. S. – keep only the men of actions with you who in times of adversities can stand firm & make vital instantaneous decisions as per the situations. 

Mute spectators do no good to you but eat away your asset of time. Be watchful of them!
With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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