Why you must bleed at 21?

Possibly we all graduate at 21. It is the time when our eyes are gleaming with hopes & dreams.

It is the time when we just start our journey. Everything is possible for us RIGHT NOW.

It is the time when we are young & have that spark within us which we can utilise to turn impossible into a reality.
“ The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in combat”. –Richard Marcinko , Rogue Warrior

These four years from 21-25 are your training period. Choose voluntarily to bleed.

Few years after your graduation decide your course of life. It is hard to make sudden & big changes into your life after 25. So, you have this 4 year window where you can take most of the risks, work as hard as you want & fight for your dreams. 

The more you bleed in these 4 years, easier your life would be. If you successfully achieve something significant in the direction of your dreams in these years then there is great likelihood of fulfiling your dreams soon despite all the hurdles.

Muhammad Ali_wiki

》Protect your dreams.

Realising one’s dream is no cake walk. It requires hard-work, passion & perseverance. It is hard to protect your dreams, to keep them alive & to continue to fight for them.

P.S.- being young is a luxury. You can wake up early & work until late. You barely have any responsibilities upon you. Never in life you will have such a golden period of time. So, accelerate exponentially. 

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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