Review of “Knitted Tales: A collection of emotions” by Rubina Ramesh.

“Knitted Tales: A collection of emotions” by Rubina Ramesh

Review of “Knitted Tales: A collection of emotions” by Rubina Ramesh.

The “Knitted Tales” by Rubina Ramesh is a light read & at times you may feel that you are just flowing spontaneously & uninterrupted in the flow of cascade of events plotted by Rubina Ramesh. 

The stories in “Knitted Tales” are very touching. They deal with deep human emotions. Their endings are unpredictable. Some are shocking, others are painful, relieving & even motivating. 

In real sense stories don’t have an end as they stir up your emotions & therefore they become alive & find expression in your imaginations.
A Secret in Their Closet, Forgive Me, For I Have Sinned & SuvarnaRekha easily penetrate to the core of the heart.

#Funniest Part of the book:

“After a few exchanges of curses like ‘are you blind’, ‘ suver ke bacche’ and, the one which always grated her nerves, ‘behan ke take’, they managed to reach home”, from The Little Godmother.

#Best motivating line in “Knitted Tales”:

“One never knows who in life will teach you a small lesson”, from Chiclets.

The book sums up nearly all the emotions that we experience, may not be due to what’s happening in our lives but by seeing others struggling in their lives. 

The striking thing about the collection of stories is that they don’t seem to be penned by the same person. All stories are diametrically opposite in nature except carrying the essence of human emotions. So, it directly indicates to the great efforts put by Rubina Ramesh on drafting each story.

I rate the book as 4/5.

Grab your copy of “Knitted Tales” from the link below:

P.S. 1: The e-book ends with an announcement or better a good news for those who became a fan of Rubina Ramesh’s writings after reading “Knitted Tales”:

“Finding the Angel” by Rubina Ramesh

P.S. 2: kept 5 star rating reserved for 9th December 🙂

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

2 thoughts on “Review of “Knitted Tales: A collection of emotions” by Rubina Ramesh.

  1. Rubina Ramesh says:

    Hi Amit,

    Thank you so much for this honest and from the heart review. I will surely aspire for your 5 stars now. I loved the fact that you found that one line of humor in my story. 😀 Thanks a ton for resonating with my stories.

    Liked by 1 person

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