How to have an extremely happy life?

​How to have an extremely happy life?

The genesis of misery in our life stems from believing that we will get the best of the best outcomes without putting our best efforts.

We often cease to be practical. We begin to believe each time that what was only possible for 1% of the people will happen to us as well.

Build your foundation_wiki

People who achieve extraordinary results undoubtedly have a strong foundation. This strong foundation coupled with hard-work & luck produces overwhelming results.

And how we take it?

We tend to believe it to be possible for us & that too in the shortest period of time. Ignoring the fact that it takes significant time to build foundational base. One can advance exponentially once one has built a sound foundation.

The results?

Hence, we don’t live up to the our expectations which results into prolonged sadness.

》Sometimes think beyond results.

It is better to judge your life with time as a yardstick rather than results.

Results are non-permanent. Your efforts will never yield only positive outcomes. You will have to engulf failures too. Situations will not be always in your favour.

But one thing is always in your control- to continually work on building a strong foundation. 

The results which you will get after you succeed in building a firm base is that results will be more sustained & will last-longer.

They will boost your confidence. This confidence will help you in directing your life towards being meaningful & satisfying. 

It will eventually make happiness an integral part of your life.

P.S. so focus on your foundations, results will follow.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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