How to get respected?

As believed, to get what you want first you have to give it to others. It holds true to good extent in case of “respect” as well. Genuinely respect others & it will automatically come back to you.

》Do great in your profession.
People respect those who are the best of the best in their profession. They serve as an idol to others.

So, one of the best way is to be known for what you do.

(*though many people will be jealous of you as well. But you will also find some genuine admirers & fans too).



Sometimes, you just have to ignore to let people behave in a cordial manner. It may happen many a times that people might take you for granted. You have to ignore them in those situations. Do not reply. Let your performance & results be the only reply. 


If you make yourself available 24×7 you will lose your value. People stop valuing your time.

So, disappear sometimes to do the work that will bring glory to you.

Respect your time & make it understand to others as well.

》Don’t mentor idiots.

Be very careful with people whom you guide. Else they will malign your reputation. Few people are uncomfortable to accept their mistakes. Watch out! you might become the target.

》Have something. 

People who act as a magnet are those who have something. It could be knowledge, wealth, humbleness, happiness, etc.

If you are a happy-make-happy type of person, people will love to flock with you. 

》Be humble.

Never disrespect others. Be humble & to the ground. Don’t show off in terms of knowledge, wealth, beauty or anything else. Nothing could bring more genuine people to your life than being humble. 

》Give back to the society.

Help others to grow. It isn’t an exaggeration when I say, “Helping others is one of the best way to utilise your time”.

We all shall leave the Earth someday or the other but the hearts we touch, the work we do, the service we do to the humanity is immortal. 

With Great Love,
Er. Amit Yadav


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