The best way to deal with your enemies?

The best way to deal with your enemies?

1. Act Diplomatically.

No matter how good you might be there shall always be people who shall hate you & would look for any lapses to sue you.

So, the best way to deal with your hidden-enemies is by acting diplomatically.

▪ Never disclose your intentions or next move.

▪ Be friendly with them but avoid getting close to them. This includes never make a call by yourself to them, or catching up in get-togethers, etc. with them. Your only response should be “damn busy yaar! Would have loved to join but…..”

At least save your time. What good can happen to you by spending time with your enemies?

Next steps are regarding becoming  शक्तिमान :

Become Shaktiman.

2. Work on yourself constantly. शक्तिमान बनो।

Make yourself stronger with each passing day- financially, educationally & intellectually.

Educate yourself massively. Be an active participatory of what’s really going on in the world. You must know & understand well the current trends.

3. Work-hard.  शक्तिमान बनो।

Work-hard for 14 hours each day. It will change your life. It brings an attitudinal change that is “with hard-work everything could be made possible”.

No one- not even your enemies can stop you from your deserved victory if you work-hard for 14 hours. But that’s pretty hard. Only few are able to go that wild in life.

4. Eliminate/Forget.

It is sure that if you follow above steps then you will achieve greater heights in life. You can drop those people from your life who were just your hidden enemies.

P.S.1 – look for the perfect time. Never act spontaneously when dealing with your enemies.

P.S. 2- Once you are strong (economically, financially & educationally) you will experience your enemies becoming soft towards you. So, शक्तिमान बनो।

With Great Love,
Er. Amit Yadav


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