Life lessons & Inside Stories from IndiaShouts.

One of the most inspiring incident that took place recently is associated with IndiaShouts.

I had to crack one deal & the person was quite annoying. He had this habit of backing off though he would first commit to the deal. After much negotiations we came to a point to fix the deal. But this guy again backed off at the last moment. Since, I had invested lot of time & efforts so I wanted to get the deal inked anyhow! 

I called up Sachin, co-founder of IndiaShouts & stated what had just happened.  

To this, Sachin replied, “Time is the scarce resource we have. We are working part-time & it is futile to waste our precious time on such people”. He further said, “इसको  Light लेते हैं।“​

That was like a moment of epiphany. 

“इसको  Light लेते हैं।” 

Whatever troubles you beyond a certain point leave it. Take that lightly. It might not be the right time or with right people.

By Kaushiki_Pandey.

Your life needs to be adventurous. So, work-hard so that you can expect better things from life but make it a point to drop things or people who don’t stick to what they commit. Make your life simpler!

– You do not need to entertain annoying people in your life. Say No to annoying friends, customers & clients.

India Shouts- अब तो सुन लो।

– Value your time & let that known to people that you value it the most.

P.S. Sachin Sanodiya is an IIT-M alumnus & is currently working as a Data Analyst.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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