The best way to seek information.

Sometimes, it is weird to seek information directly. It might offend the other person. 

1. Ask indirectly.

People are uncomfortable talking about their salaries until & unless it is as huge as that they can flaunt about it.

So, instead of asking about their salary enquire about the salary of their immediate boss. You shall have a fair idea of what they would be earning.

2. Social Media Platforms.

Gone are the days when people used to hide information about themselves. Today, by just searching the name of the person you can get to know almost “everything” about him/her.


3. Offer a freebie.

If none of the above works then offer a freebie.


I’m a famed blogger/writer/Entrepreneur at……… & have decided to present you….book/gift/coupon/Amazon gift-card on the occasion of….for ….

Kindly, provide us with your E-mail & Phone no.

Once you have the phone no. you can check the WhatsApp.

People have this crazy habit these days of communicating everything through WA status- good or bad going in their life.

So, you can have an idea about how their life looks like.

Just be a little creative & you can fetch all the information about any person you wish to!
With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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