Guest blog post by Jatin Kuberkar on “Does the fun of working together supersedes the memories of college life?”

“Cabbing all the way” Jatin Kuberkar

Amit Yadav– Does the fun of working together supersedes the memories of college life?

Jatin Kuberkar: I view college and workplace as similar institutions in many aspects, but in different phases of life. Both help shape you as a person and at the same time leave unforgettable traces behind. Just like we spent more time with friends during college days, on a Job we spend more time with our colleagues- far more than we do with our family members.

The Fun of working together depends on the kind of people you are working with. It can be fun but also it can be frustrating if it is not the right blend.

Jatin Kuberkar

I bet, a group like our’s is a rare!! Twelve mentalities with different background strived to achieve a common goal. The people we had in our group, were the ingredients of a perfect cocktail.They can be easily called ‘aliens’from a ‘comical planet’. Each of them, an opposite pole and yet tried their best to stay glued to each other.

“Cabbing all the way” by Jatin Kuberkar

But, nothing can really supersede college memories!          

You can grab the copy of “Cabbing all the way” through the link below:

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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