How measurements in time can revolutionise your life?

Let’s look at time with a new angle. We waste time as we have it in unlimited quantity.

On the other hand, we save money as if it is limited. While the reality is just the opposite. 

See, you can make billions in your lifetime but you cannot increase your span of time on Earth.

Time is the best scale to make decisions_wiki

Make measurements wrt time.

So, isn’t that a better scale to measure wrt time?

Let’s suppose you want to buy a luxury car & currently it costs 30L then you shouldn’t start working to save that much amount of money.

Instead you must begin to calculate how much time will it require for you to achieve that goal. Keep the time factor as a central point.

Better decision making.

As a rule of thumb, if you start your journey at entry-level job in IT Sector then after 40 years of excellent service your salary would have rose to around 35L per annum. I have highlighted the “excellent service” for a reason. Excellent service means that you would work on weekends when everyone would be enjoying, you will put your best of the best efforts to get excellent feedbacks from your clients on the project you might be working on, you will do every bit to the company to get promoted, etc.

Is that worth?

40 years to get to the level of 40 LPA?

This time when you go to your city no matter how small it is interact with local business-owners. Many would be earning more than 40LPA. The only thing is that they don’t get the limelight. Ask them since how long they are in this business? The probable answer would be 15-20 years.

So, which option is best suited for you?

Working on weekends to get promoted or to work for yourself?

Observe closely that by the end of this blog post, I have levelled the money you would be earning in a year & the point of difference is only time. In former case it is 40 years & in the later case it is 15-20 years.

When people think it a big risk to drop “1 year” after 12th or graduation & say पूरा एक साल बरबाद हो सकता है then I don’t get why they agree to waste consciously or unconsciously 20 years that too working for someone else.
With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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