How I used Facebook to learn business communication skills? 

No one can disagree that the world has become a global village. Communication has become more simpler & easier than ever.

A year back I started connecting with people on Facebook with a personalised message- I’m a blogger at & would love to connect with you in order to learn more.

Use fb to develop your skills.

And that revolutionised the way I used to communicate. When you talk to a person who has 20-30 years experience in IT sector, or an acclaimed author or a successful business owner then one thing happens- you borrow some words or style of writing from them. 

I do not have any problem if you call that copying. The simple reason is that what if you copied from 100+ people?

You will become versatile to some extent if you maintain your individual creativity while communicating with others.

Why is it advised to mingle with people from various cultures?

Over time unknowingly it develops your cultural intelligence. Same happens to your communication skills- they get polished & a tinge of professionalism appears.

Since then it was through copying that I learned how to write impressive e-mails, how to communicate over phone, how to communicate over WhatsApp for businesses purposes, etc.

Even as a writer I can tell you that the books you read often have an impact on your style of writing. It’s copying sub-consciously. 

So, go get into the world. Copy from many but retain your individuality. You will see how better your skills have got since then- it would be a huge change!
With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

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