How people you meet @ college decide your destiny instead of the college itself?

College has predominantly three pillars- faculty, students & infrastructure.

In most cases what shall change your destiny is the people-to-people connect at the college.

Faculties will keep teaching what they taught 10 years back (mostly) & infrastructure doesn’t gets changed abruptly & remains the same for long.

What really is the peer-to-peer connect @ college?

3-4 years is a long-period of time. You will get to know many people personally & this will help you in better understanding of the world. You will get to learn many new perspectives from your peers. These shall form the part of the learnings @ college campus.

Peer-to-peer connect at college_wiki

What is more interesting is the learnings @ after campus life.

After 3-4 years from your graduating day you discover that:

One of your friend got selected in civil services, another got a prize for innovative start-up in an international event, yet another has become an acclaimed writer, etc.

No matter how well you are doing in your life these success stories from your friends & seniors shall motivate you as well. The reason is simple – you have spent time with them. You know how they were.

In engineering jargon,

अरे! ये तो वही है जिसे में Exam के आखिरी दिन पढ़ाता था। If He can then I too can do it.

हा हा! He is no smart by any means. अबे! मेरे ही रूम में रहता था दिनभर।

It is a great pleasure to see people who have lived with you succeeding. That’s the best thing your friends & seniors can give to you.

Since, you have seen your peers being crazy & still reaching the pinnacles of success in later life makes you believe that इतना कठिन नहीं है जितना लोग बोलते हैं। That’s a positive development in you. It helps you to take the first step in faith & the rest that takes place is bound to be a part of History.

So, faculty & infrastructure of your college have miniscule impact on you once you graduate. But your college friends & seniors shall have an impact on your life for long may be life-long.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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