I want to see tears in my parents eyes.

I wish to see tears in my parents eyes. Every one must live to see that golden day in his/her life.

Such moments occur may be once or twice in the entire life.

I’m taking about the “tears of success” which shall fall from the eyes of your parents when you achieve something great in your life. Small success don’t have the power to make that happen.

Can that happen when you land up a job in an MNC?

I want to see tears__wiki

No. Very rare (*only when your chances of getting the job was extremely low)

Can having a beautiful girl as a girlfriend do that?

No. (*it can only increase their tension only- पता नही कैसी पसंद होगी गधे की )

So, what thing could bring that miraculous moment to your life?

When you do something worthwhile with your life. Something big. They have high expectations from you.

So, don’t play small. Don’t just work-hard. Work-hard to the extremes.

Once you would have worked to that level nothing would be difficult for you any longer. Nothing.

Few people can work-hard to the extremes as and when required. All other quit. They know just one thing – quit.

But as a brave person- you must rise & shine.

Melt yourself with the desires & expectations of your parents. They want to see you reach to the zenith.

Have you already taken the first step?

Or will you take the first step today?

Or you will go to sleep today as well as you do each day- बहुत Boring था। चलो सो जाते हैं। कल से मेहनत करेंगे ।

This is the day- 16th September, 2016. Let’s work for 16th September, 2017. It’s possible by then.
With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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