How you must enjoy your college life?

College life is certainly the best part of your life (*until & unless in your job you get to do what you love to do which is quite rare).

Live a life you wanted. Unrestricted. Crazy. Joyous.

▪ Don’t ever get disappointed. 

These are the best days of your life. Don’t do things unwillingly. Somehow believe in your destiny that it will lead you to what you want to achieve when you shall start working hard.

I appeared for an interview of ViVo Mobiles in the final year & I tried to negotiate for 30- 40K per month of salary which they were reluctant to offer. It was obvious that my name won’t figure out in the list of short-listed candidates. It was true! In between 30-35 candidates were selected out of around 100 & I wasn’t one of them.

FGIET, Rae Bareli_wiki

But presently almost no one is doing that job. So, it hardly mattered if I bagged that job or not! So, always remain cool.

I sat in for the college placements of Idea Cellular but couldn’t go beyond the technical round. Surely, it did felt bad for few minutes as I had come up prepared- well dressed, with an updated CV, etc. & the day ended fruitless. 

Now, after few months – it all hardly matters because I know I can make more money out of “what I love to do” than working for a job that I would have despised.

▪ Life can be re-built.

You will see some people succeeding amongst you. Don’t get bogged down. Still, follow your passion. It was in the 3rd year that I became fascinated about blogging. I was not a pro-writer. But since I liked doing it I continued it till the end of my college (*appeared for GATE & various other exams for namesake). It were a tough decision to have made my mind to continue blogging when everyone was preparing for GATE.

Though I worked hard for may be 14+ hours but it never yielded much results. Still I continued in the hope that even if I fail miserably I can always re-built my life with hard-work.

So, always have faith in your hard-work. Not just in the present hard-work you might be putting in but what you are capable of & shall be putting in the future. I believed in the work I shall be putting in the future. 

Take risks. 

As much as you could. This is the best time. Fail as much as you could only the condition that must be met is you are working-hard.

Your whole life lies ahead to tread on the ordinary life. Give yourself a chance to follow the path that seems unbelievable & unthinkable to you. Something which seems miraculous to you.

P.S. 1- Believe in miracles! They do happen with ordinary people like you & me.

P.S. 2- You just need confidence to succeed in life. Even if you succeed in elevating your confidence level by the time you step out of your college life the  irrespective of what you did in your college life- you will achieve great success in life! 
With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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