Life lessons from a man who worked 14+ hours a day.

You cannot work hard for 14+ hours a day for a long-time without having hit the rock-bottom.

Generally, such responses have their genesis in pain which could have resulted from breaking of relationships, lack of money even for sustenance or too many failures in a row.

There is something beautiful about failures, break-ups & penury. They make you helpless. It is then you learn how to cope up with adversities, how to uplift yourself & how to reconcile. 

It’s hard. Damn hard!

But once you overcome them you are a transformed man. You would never like sitting back at home & resting.

Lessons that I learned from working 14+ hours for few years in a row:

1. You are living at extremes.

14+ hours a day is a big number. Don’t assume it to be an easy task. Since you are working very very hard so cycles of failures & successes shall increase sharply.

Necessary for new office.

It’s no longer a normal life. Quite fast-paced! You can compare your life with a safari zooming with a cyclist in his top speed which represents normal life.

In normal life you may face setbacks after months or years. But in a fast-paced life you will be confronted to failure rates as high as each day.

The message I wish to convey is that you will be more frustrated than ever! You will be more disheartened than ever! On the other side, you will be beaming with happiness. That’s the point. 

2. You will never feel bored.

I don’t even use my whole flat! Just confined to my room most of the time. I go only to kitchen to fetch food & drink water. That is my room is my office. I start working as I wake up. There is no time for sleeping as I keep on taking lots of naps in between. They range from few minutes to an hour.

But I never feel bored. So much to do. Something or the other thing comes into my way & demands my attention.

3. You will achieve things faster & think what’s more.

This is the darkest side. Since you achieve more relative to others so this might keep popping into your mind “What’s more?”.

4. You may seek escape.

This one is tricky. There shall be a constant urge to escape from the life you are living (in a similar way the private employees feel- Monday blues). Urges may knock at your door every 15-20 days. You may literally have a strong desire to settle one day at a distant village- out of this chaotic life. No cars, no buses, no people,  just you, enjoying & living with meager resources! 
With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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