Patanjali Jeans & 5 marketing lessons from Baba Ramdev

Patanjali has decided to expand its market from FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) to the production of Patanjali Jeans i.e it shall be entering into apparel industry soon.

Though the CEO of Patanjali is Acharya Balakrishna but the real man behind it is Baba Ramdev.

There are great chances of even the success of these Swadesi Jeans if Patanjali provides it at cheaper rates. The main concern is the design of these jeans. If Patanjali doesn’t sync it with latest trends in fashion it is likely to be a great failure. As Acharya Balakrishna have told few days back  that there would be”indianisation of Jeans” i.e. they would be customised as per Indian culture (which gives indication of loose jeans instead of tight jeans ~ may become a reason for failure!).

When it comes to branding Baba Ramdev does it very intelligently. 

Baba Ramdev_wiki

1. Personal Branding.

First he established himself as a brand. What he did to do that? Yoga was his tool. He popularised Yoga & also the Aastha Channel to great extent. So, 1st lesson is to build yourself as a brand. After that whatever you sell will be minting money for you as long as you maintain the quality.

2. Advertisement.

Except the recent some advertisements of biscuits by Hema Malini all other advertisements are undertaken by Baba Ramdev himself. That is you have to focus on becoming the face of your company. It allows you speak directly to your customers which is not possible in case of a company. No one is interested in press releases of the companies.

Baba Ramdev undoubtedly saves a lot of money that would have otherwise been incurred in advertisements. As said, the price you pay for advertisements is the cost of not being awesome!

3. Selling based on ideology.
He is very witty when it comes to tag lines like हम कब तक दूसरों की जूठन खाते रहेंगे i.e. we should manufacture products & services in India only. He directly takes on foreign MNSc as ठंडा मतलब टॉयलेट क्लीनर, etc. So, he attracts customers not only through the quality of products he offers but ideologically as well- स्वदेशी अपनाओ .

4. Induce fear among customers.

Have you seen how insurance agents sell policies? They try to induce fear. What if… & so happens is the question they begin with. In sells the biggest lesson is to ask right questions. The primary aim is to get YES for a series of questions. If the customer nodes to all your questions it means you are very close to turning prospective customer into a customer.

Ghee manufactured by other companies is poison. The ayurvedic medicines & herbs available in the market are adulterated. Only patanjali offers you pure & unadulterated products. So, don’t play with your health by using products from other companies.

5. WoM

Word-of-Mouth is still the best form of marketing. Who can stop your company from growing when your customers begin to recommend your products to others?

So, like Baba Ramdev focus on creating a product that would WOW your customers. 

Many people criticise Baba Ramdev for his political remarks but it has never affected his business. It is growing by leaps & bounds. The only thing that had made it possible is the quality. So long as your customers get the desired quality they will not switch to others.

PS-  I personally use products of Baba Ramdev & have found them to be of better quality than of other companies. This is WoM 🙂
With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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