How to melt all your problems?

Stoicism is an ancient Roman Philosophy which originated in Hellenistic Greece is a perfect way to melt all your problems. Stoics used to live for few days in a month like a poor to detach themselves from material possessions & to generate empathy for poors & above all to melt their ego. 

Your majority of the lives problem will melt if you melt your ego.

Most of us have been very lucky to be born into a middle class family. We face very little problems as compared to those at the bottom.

First good thing that happened to us was that we got Education. The less educated you are the lesser are the choices.


Taxes could be the source of your headache. But at least you aren’t taxed cognitively. Poors are taxed on their mental faculties- “cognitive tax”. That is they are doomed to think about “How they are going to manage their finances this month amidst price rise, How will their child go to school, or simply put they have to keep track of every penny they spend.
》Your Boss.

May be your boss is your problem but at least you do your job at a well-furnished work-place. Here’s is the catch. Look at your problem it could easily be solved by right attitude & in some cases having a conversation with your boss. He too is human-being & is answerable to higher authorities. So, he has to be harsh many a times.

》You save very less.

May be your savings are very less. But couldn’t you be happy with what you save when that equates to someone’s monthly salary?

》I work-hard.

I work-hard for as long as 13-14 hours each day without a miss. That’s not painful. What’s painful is those who work for that many hours but are payed miniscule. My job isn’t about sitting in front of the furnace. That tells how easy my job is as compared to those without technical & managerial skills. They too were hard-working & dedicated but somehow because they couldn’t get educated & skilled they are doomed to do over-work.

Almost all my problems melt when I put myself in the place of poor of the poorest. We have a tendency to look at our problems as ghastly though they are nothing.  

Each day I wake up with an image of a poor at the back of my mind & I realise how lucky I have been…. & that allows me to work more passionately without complaining. I have taken away the right to complain from myself.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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