What 1 thing will increase your social outreach by multiple times?

For Real-world 1 thing that would increase your social outreach is by becoming interested in others. Meet them, observe them & work-together if possible. That would enhance your social circle.

But my primary focus here is on how to increase your social outreach in virtual world. Just follow few of the steps given below & it will massively increase your social impact in the virtual world.

The one thing that is vital in social media platforms is to melt your ego. If you could become an initiator & pro-active in starting conversations & responding to the queries & concerns of others then you will easily have a supportive & efficient virtual network.

Your comments, messages (not a 1 to 1 communication as it might be revealed by the other person over social media), profile – everything is visible to public. Also, privacy should always be public as you wish to reach out to more number of people. 

Connect over fb.

How to increase your social outreach? _fb.com

Search on fb people who are in the same niche as yours. Send friend request to them with a personal message. Personal message should contain a valid reason for connection. It could be to learn, business proposal, etc. This step builds a trust & thus chances of getting your friend request increases by manifolds.

Connect over LinkedIn.

This is the best place to meet professionals from the entire globe. Nice place.

Connect over Instagram.

The thumb of rule is to connect with as many people as you can. The only conditions for the making connections is that :

1. They must be hard-working & honest.

2. They must be awesome. 

As Gary Vaynerchuk advices for increasing your online outreach- you have to reply to all the messages, mails, etc. even if you receive 800 a day!

When you reply to messages it gives a personal touch & thus helps in building long-term relationships.

Advantages of social outreach:

1. You will meet people whom you can partner with in your business.

2. You can find employees for your company. Social media platform is emerging as a place for talent acquisition  as it saves your money, time & also helps in identifying the right talent.

3. You may find a friend-for-life. Nothing could be better than that.

4. Seeing people succeed in what they do may inspire you too to venture out on something.
With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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