How to utilise blogging for Personal Branding?

​How to utilise blogging for Personal Branding?

Earlier only giant companies had the privilege to create brand as they had the capital to advertise & market. But the good news with the coming up of social media is that now the process of brand creation is within the reach of common people.

There has never been a time in History when individual could build a brand so easily as now.

Blogging is a very potent tool. You can share your experiences & expertise through it. This is the age of storytelling. Customers are no longer just interested in the product & services. They also want to know the person behind the company. They yearn to hear the inner stories of thecompany.

How to utilise blogging for Personal Branding?_ मुझे भी ब्रांड बनना है।

Blogging is necessary for brand creation because:

● It is an inexpensive way of advertising. You can add minor details about your product in the blog­posts.

● It adds credibility to the product you are selling.

● Sharing is caring. Your blogs gives your customers an opportunity to share about your company which is vital for Word­of­Mouth advertising.

● You can add Testimonials of customers. It makes your products & services more persuasive.

● You can promote your blogs on various online social platforms.

● With time the followers on your blog shall increase. This is an added benefit. Each time you upload a new blog­post the followers are notified via mail about it. So, it brings prospective customers to your blog again.

● It makes the work of the marketing department easier. Instead of telling people about the product from scratch one can send the links of the blogs.

● The major problem that one faces as the company grows is of Talent Acquisition. With your blog you can advertise for interns/part­time/full­time workers for your company.

● It is the fastest & the cheapest way to receive feedbacks. The customer can directly approach you via your blog. You get an opportunity to interact with customers to know about how can the product or service be improved.

Step 1: Set up a blog.

Start sharing your knowledge & experiences. The only MUST condition is that you have to be regular. Regularity of post could be 1 post per week or every 10 days. Beyond that will be very low frequency.

The content of the blog needs to be lively. You have to design so as to engage the customers.

Step 2: Organise Giveaways.

You can organise giveaways on your blog. It just involves giving a freebie or a cash­amount for a small contest. The more the participation­ the greater your reach to the prospective customers. First step is to be get known & then the next step is selling your products.

Step 3: Engage in conversations.

This step is very vital. Each likes or comments that you receive is precious. So, never forget to leave a  short Thank You note for the time & concern of the customers.

Blog allows you to reach out to millions of people at a time. You cannot meet to a huge number of people due to limited time, money & resources. This is the biggest advantage of blogging. It is you who decides when to write a blog, when to reply to customers, etc. So, flexibility it offers is tremendous. You can work from home, while travelling or at night.

Step 4 : Treat your blog as Fixed Deposit.

When you just start writing blogs the time spent by customers on your website shall be minuscule owing to few number of blog posts. Increasing the number of posts while simultaneously maintaining the quality enhances average time spent on your blog.

So, in a way law of compounding applies to your blog as well.

Step 5: Talk & Talk.

Observe closely the social media. The key to getting noticed is to create something that compels people to share. You don’t just give them something to share & talk about but that’s a hidden marketing strategy.

So, to make yourself or your company a brand you just need A GREAT CONTENTREGULARITY. You will undoubtedly be an online celebrity in a year or two. Many have successfully build their online businesses via blogging. Now is your turn.
With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

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