How to get what you want for free?

You just need one thing to get almost anything for free:Selling Skills

Approach people who are wealthy in other words those who own businesses. Just add value in their service/product & get in return what you want. That is you have to strike a deal that is favourable to you.

Do not charge money. Ask for something else. 

If you want a rented room in a metropolitan city then find someone who needs a tutor for his child & has a vacant room. Some people don’t rent their house. They may agree in your case as you would offer your expertise in the subject for free.

If you want to attend an event that is high-priced then contact the event manager & offer something like- I’ll promote the event on social media for free, I can get you more attendees, I can help you in the event management activities, etc. It’s very likely that the Event Manager would agree.

I remember way back 1.5 years from now, I got in touch with my college faculty of other department who used to conduct seminars & workshops & said, Hey! I can accompany you as an assistant to various workshops & seminars you conduct in lieu of allowing me to attend them for free.

His reply was, I can’t offer them for free but yes will give you huge discounts. 

The deal was good but I couldn’t make use of it because I became busy with my own stuff – blogging.

How to get anything for free?

Why it works?

It is always good to understand the fundamentals of why something works. This basic undestanding helps us to apply it in other aspects of life as well. So, let’s dig a little deep to understand this technique. 

Suppose you have something in abundance. You are an ocean & someone asks you for a bucket of water in lieu of something. Would you deny? Probably not. It hardly matters to you. That’s the point. 

To an event manager it  matters little if you too attend the event with other 500 people if you could make it more successful.

The benefits of this technique is firstly, you learn new things at a massive rate & secondly, it helps you in building contacts with influential people. You will never have to search for a job- you will have many job-offers from those whom you would have worked with if you are sincere & hard-working.

As you become thorough with this technique you will be able to settle for better deals in less time & efforts. 
With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

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