Why no religion is in danger?

Every religion has a beginning point from where it came into being & from that point it spread with the increase in the number of  its followers. It began to be passed over generations. All religions were sacrosanct when they were formed. Over time different people interpreted it in different ways. Most rituals were added at later periods. Some were added for oppressive rulings, intent of domination & on the other hand few additions were for the good of the society like re-emphasising on purity of the soul in the form of fasting & developing compassion & unity in the form of rituals (if you look at most rituals they are modern-day what we call get-togethers i.e. collective activities of sharing joy, love & care).

There is a large fraction of the population around the globe trying “to save their endangered religion“.

Firstly, no religion is in danger. Just like every social institutions have their beginnings, peak time of popularity & the inevitable end. In similar ways religions too can expand & shrink & can also witness their end. End hardly matters as it would give birth to something else (Ultimately religions were meant for humans benefit- to keep them happy & result in the unification or oneself with the God). Religions could be said to be a guide to “How to life a happy & fulfilling life” on Earth.

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Since, what you see around yourself & call religion is a transformed form of the religion from its beginning stage. So, religion is a dynamic concept – ever changing. And what is ever – changing is never in danger. 

I keep myself happy always. That’s the only dharma I have come to take seriously. At least I fulfil the first condition of the religion. It’s debatable that do we really need a religion? As first purpose of the religion is served as long as you keep yourself happy. Did you need a religion to be happy when you were child? You were happy – intrinsically. Happiness emanated FROM WITHIN. That is an innate quality of children. As we grow we complex our life. We study & create a hazy picture of the society & the world around us. Learn from a child how to keep your life simple – know less, do more & cheer with your own toys (toys= materialistic thing).

So far we have understood that we don’t require a religion to be happy.

Second purpose of the religion is tricky – unification with the Supreme. It is where the real role of religion comes into play. That is believed to be the real purpose of the religion. (& it here where lies  differences in the opinions & interpretations of different religions. And it is causing all the fights around the world we see in name of religion).

But since, in the contemporary time no one is going to achieve what we call as Nirvana, Salvation, Mukti, etc. So, I digress here to not to skip the main theme of this blog.

Many people have made their life moronic & painful by acting as a custodian of the religion. While some have benefited from it i.e. those who used it for ulterior motivates.

To cut the story short & to reach to a conclusion that is when you are not able to be happy in your life-it is void. Also, no one can take you beyond the first-purpose of the religion. So, don’t worry about the second – purpose of the religion. Be happy & spread it into the world.

As Steve Jobs said, 

Everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you​

Similarly, you can skip many rites & rituals of the religion to simplify your life. Because they were the additions made by the human beings who were no smarter than you.

P.S.– The irony is that we have burdened our little children with too many books, courses, etc. that they too are unhappy these days. If your child doesn’t read scriptures & is happy in his life & is not on the wrong path & is able to differentiate what is good or bad roughly then he is doing great in his life. Don’t interfere & ruin his life! Please. 

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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