How to get your dream job without any experience?

Do you want to fetch a job without internship or any experience? You might be thinking – Come on! He is just kidding. How could that be possible?

Today I’m going to share with you a little secret that if applied will unlock your way to getting your dream job in a reputed private company.

》LinkedIn is the way. 

For doing this, 

Internship = Not required.

Job experience = Not required.
Remember, companies are not looking for those with degrees from high-profile colleges. Simply put they can’t afford! They are looking for people who can get things done i.e. are go-getters.
Number of start-ups outnumber the traditional industries. So, in coming days there shall be many new start-ups coming up. Initially, start-ups hire through platforms like LinkedIn. So, first step is to be get on LinkedIn. 

How to get your dream job without any experience?

Once you have made your profile on LinkedIn. The next step is to build your brand & showcase your work (* you will have to do something that differentiates you from others- वैसे भी बात ड्रीम जॉब की हो रही है! )

For that you can set-up a blog. Start-writing articles in which ever industry you want to land yourself a job in. It’s simple. Just research some online core topics in that industry. Then write articles based on “what you understand & what shall be it’s implications in near future, etc.” Just be simple. It communicates that you have thoroughly understood the concept.

You must start the above exercise in the last year of graduation. In an year write around 50 articles. Not a burden or difficult task- just one article per week.

You can also publish an e-book by compiling the above 50 articles via Kindle Direct Publishing. Then, you can add “Self-published Author” to your profile which is in vogue.


This is the last step. Add Freelancer at your profile. It increases the chances of getting your CV short-listed for interview. Also, if you have time do go for some freelance projects via Facebook  (by joining various freelancing groups on fb).

Freelancing is a symbol of professionalism, good skill-sets & the ability to exist independently. So, most companies prefer hiring them.

》Add valueable connections esp. HR’s,  CEOs, Directors, Placement Consultancies etc.

Add two-three people each day in the industry you want to get in. Start with your school & college alumni. And then add others as well.

Here you go. Just start applying for various jobs at LinkedIn. Your 1 year of experience as a blogger, freelancer & Self-published author will enable you to fetch a job that requires 3-4 years of experience otherwise.

Do you need to take tests to get a job? No.

Do you need to wait for campus placements to get a job?


That’s simply magic. 
With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

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