How to become Superman?

The task of modern day’s Superman is easy. He is fearless, dynamic & result-oriented. You too can become Superman by just following few tips given below:

Work for 14 hours each day for at least 3 years.

You are young (* at least by heart if you are reading this) & there is no point in not chasing your dreams. Never be afraid of taking chances. As long as you can keep your commitments to work for 14 hours each day you can nevel fall below the level of average. Your performance shall always be little higher than that of mediocre. 

You are Superman_wiki

And guess what? If your luck shines with your hard-work then you can fall into the category of celebrities! 

You will have lots of setbacks in your journey towards your dreams but you can remain fearless by thinking that even if “I don’t become super-successful, I can always lead a fulfilling & significant life”.

By any standards 14 hours work is a nice benchmark. People don’t work really that hard. If you could reach that level it means you have become Modern Day Superman. That’s cool! Pat yourself for that.

Focus on Next 14 hours.

This is simple! You just need to focus on your life each day when you wake up. Ask yourself I just have another 14  hours today- “How should I spent it?”. Prioritise your day.

How is Superman different from others?

You need to get passionate. You got to demand more from your life. Okay, you have been receiving a pay-check of $5000 per month. Why can’t it get double in next 4 months? 

Superman Returns_wiki

Superman works @ speed of light. He worries less & does more. He is unafraid of the uncertainties of life because he has committed to serve the world with 14 hours of work each day.

He doesn’t gossip. And is truly devoted to serve. He never mises a chance to help someone. 

Declare yourself as Superman

Declare yourself as a Superman on social networks & in real-life as well & rise to that level. There are no shortcuts but the process will end all the miseries of your life. Nothing in life offers such a by-product – END OF MISERY!!

There is no point in living your life at the margins. You need to get into the limelight. A life where you grow each day, where you feel indebted being born & experiencing this life. A life full of gratitude. 

Yes! I’m a Superman because I chose 2 years back to be so. When will you take that decision? 

I welcome you to experience the life@ Superman

Are you coming?
With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

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