How to become happy instantly?

Good days are sandwiched between bad days. In other words, all days won’t be alike. Some shall be good while others will be terrible. 

Bad days are inescapable. So, why not devise a way to become happy instantly to cheer up even on terrible days? Why to waste your time worrying & despising life when you will live for few more decades?

We all can find something that has the power to elevate our mood instantly.

Since, I wake up early & work till late so it’s not always easy to keep myself happy. Sometimes, happiness gets lost when dealing with people other times it’s failures to obtain desired results.


How to make yourself happy instantly?

Whenever I experience unhappiness I type the emoticon shown in the above pic. It makes me happy. Actually, it takes me back to my toddler days when I used to cry & was stubborn. 
It brings smile on my face imagining that. I feel good after few happiness-inducing hormones have been secreted in my blood stream. Life can never get better than that!

The above exercise just takes few seconds but is very effective. I have been using it since quite a long time & it works every time.

You too should discover something like that. If you have already then share it in the comments section. I shall be delighted to know how you keep yourself happy 🙂
With Great Love,
Er. Amit Yadav


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