What’s seriously wrong with Amitabh Bachchan’s letters to granddaughters?

The esteemed & respected actor who needs no introduction Amitabh Bachchan has made online a “letter to Aaradhya & Navya Naveli”.

The letter is full of wisdom & many life lesson’s can be derived from the short-video of 4 minutes. 

The best message is “Never worry about लोग क्या कहेंगे “।


Amitabh Bachchan_wiki

He is visionary when he asks not to get bogged down by the difficulties you might face just because you were born as a girl/women.

He advices that it should be their choice to select whom they want to befriend with. 

Everything is fine so far.

The real problem is that it fails to take into account “the rapidly changing world which is becoming more sensitive to gender bias”.

If I had to pass on a message to younger generations it would have been of HOPE, FAITH & above all full of optimism.

Let’s go back to 10 years from now. Year 2006. I was in Bareilly then. I was in 7th standard. I had probably never seen a girl in real life in skirts (except of course in school dresses!!!). And hardly I had developed any opinion on girls wearing skirts- either good or bad.

I had only seen in movies girls & women wearing skirt. For me it was a little issue – hardly mattered. Even hardly anyone in school discussed about it. So, we were quite ignorant about it.

But now if you visit Bareilly 10 years from then you will find girls wearing skirts- it’s no longer a rare phenomenon. 

That’s the change that has taken place in just 10 years! I myself had witnessed it.

Due to Internet & Social Media the societal changes have been very swift so we can expect more liberal & equitable society when it comes to gender. 

Now, you can expect the same results in next 2-3 years that is by 2018-19.

What most people generally fail to understand is that “skirts” for long have stood up as a symbol of modernity, independence of women & equality. 

Even if you go to far off remote places- girls & women idealise the life of women in cities. And the same goes with men too. Yes, there are many who are still not open to ideas that are shaping our new generations. Social changes are slow to take place.
He has failed to get to the root cause of the “problem” & gender bias. More than being social problem it is an economical problem.

All want daughters but NOT to them.

To the core the problem is DOWRY for female infanticide & selective abortion.

Say NO to Dowry_wiki

Clicking a selfie with daughter is the thing of the middle & higher-middle class. The society has taken a shape that has been strangulating the lower-middle class. The lower-sex ratio hits the lower & downtrodden sections of the society. 

Those reading this blog post will get bride easily as for them there is no crisis. It is the wage-workers, rikshawalas, labourers who shall find it difficult to find a match for them so they shall go on the path to buy a bride from W. Bengal, Orissa, etc. through agents- another blot on the society. But at large, we all are to be held responsible. Hardly any ideas come out from the poor- they are already bogged down by cognitive tax on their mental faculties that poverty brings with it. 

Though the message at the end turns out to be optimistic by utterance of & belief that “Grand-daughters shall bring the requisite change”. 

It would have been better if it would have been framed liked, “You will be facing far-less discrimination as a women- may be no discrimination at all”. So, the onus lies at you to bring the change. 

On personal note I have far more faith in the girls like those who participated in Olympics this year & came out with splendid performance of world-class level instead of lack of resources. I salute them. Their Dadaji could not leave any message for them – still they shined. May be because their Dadaji weren’t tech-saavy, lacked Internet, and NO THING LIKE LEGACY to pass on. Still through their love, care & with few interactions Dadaji had could install the seeds of GREATNESS IN THEM.

Are letters like this really required?

Leave your comments. I’ll be delighted to know your views.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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