I’m the same boy…

This blog post is dedicated to all my teachers who shaped & moulded me into a person I’m today. Perhaps I’m not a celebrity but someone who could keep the child within me alive.

Dr. Mallika Tripathi Ma’am

Yes, it is hard to travel the unknown trajectories of life. Only few dare to muster the courage to follow the uncharted lanes of life. It is easy to get bogged down as we are not able to see the end of the tunnel. The road that opens to our dreams first passes through the phases of days & nights that are gloomy dark & bleak. 

It is very vivid still. The day I was in 6th class, standing in the assembly for prayer, P.T. teacher came near to me & said, “Tie up your laces”. I could understand that he was asking to tie up something. But I didn’t knew the meaning of “laces” then. I kept mum. Behaved as if I hadn’t heard anything. I used to do this quite a lot. Silence is the best policy when you are not aware of what’s going on. Sometimes, a smile also comes as a rescue. 

Anil Kumar Srivastava Sir

But he understood my dilemma. And said, “जूते के फिते बाँध लो।”He was undoubtedly much smarter than me. Surely, he too had gone through the same age once upon a time long-back. The end was satisfactory. I learned Laces= फिते ।

I met another teacher. He said, “तुमसे ना हो पायेगा”। May be it was harsh but true. Sometimes, we have to swallow the bitter pill to understand what “really the teacher is trying to say”.

A teacher must never reveal his mind. 

Sometimes, when I stand at the podium & see the faces of students I can feel the thundering spirit that enters into me seeing the bleaming eyes of the students.

Ghanshyam Singh Sir

Standing there one can easily make out the sincere pupils. May be for those who are not- life manifests itself as a teacher. There is no escape from teacher in life!

It was 9th class when I used to mock social science teacher for pronunciating CALORIE as  कलोरी. Unaware of the fact that for too long I kept pronunciating “Paradigm”as पैराडिगम.

Then came the turning point. Life changed its metaphor for me. From bed of roses it became thorny & busy.

Digvijay Singh Chauhan Sir

Unable to understand what went wrong, I could see no light in my life. As usual Sun rose in the east & illuminated everyone but I failed to receive the sunshine. Failed miserably. There are many reasons to ascribe to it like- you had not worked hard enough, oh! You have messed up your life, you deserve this, etc. The list is not exhaustive 🙂

Then came a teacher out of nowhere who could lighten the spark of HOPE in me. Hope is a beggar. It only eventually results into an steep downfall. 

Rakesh Mishra Sir

Then came the most beautiful teachers in my life who taught me to have FAITH. That was something cool. That was something I was looking for. Something for which I had parched for many years.

》No matter where I end up in my life, I’m the same boy, who would try to hide his mistakes, may be the one who is uncomfortable with flaws ~ that adds uniqueness to all of us as a Human being.

Dr. Barkha Agarwal Ma’am

I’m the same boy who would learn slow. I’m the same boy who shall wait, watch, observe & learn. One who shall take his time.

Thanks a lot. Feeling blessed 2day. Happy teachers day !!

PS- Special thanks to the person who made me understand the philosophy of life- “तुम खुश हम खुश इतना काफी है ना जीने  के लिए” ।


And to my rabbits who taught me “You are alive is a proof that you can live your life as well”.

With Great Love,
Er. Amit Yadav



4 thoughts on “I’m the same boy…

  1. Digvijay Singh Chauhan says:

    As your feelings for your teacher really it’s Emotion that you have feel.
    When a teacher like it really it’s feel respect
    I miss you Amit and my best wishes always with you.
    Digvijay Chauhan

    Liked by 1 person

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