What happens when you meet yourself?

As I was devouring my lunch today, one thing kept running over & over again into my mind. It was “How am I going to do all this?”. That’s certainly TOO MUCH! Then I thought may be working 16 hours each day would be great to start with. By that I’ll be able to accomplish what I wish to by the end of 2016.

I began by googling on “How to work for 16 hours”..many results appeared…some were about 12 hours…discarded them at  first instance…some were about 14 hours..oh! ..no I want 16….then my eyes got fixed to something “16 hours each day to realise your dreams”. Yeah! This is the one. Sometimes, we get wild about numbers! 

The link was on Google+. I didn’t mind if it were on Google+ or somewhere else. Only 16 hours mattered. 

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So, I clicked on the link! Boom! I started blushing 🙂 🙂 🙂
I was like Abe! Gadhe! #####

I was shocked. It was the one of the blog post written by me & shared over Google+.

Never ever could my imagination go to this point. I never thought one day I would be directed to my own creation to read @@@

After getting back to Earth again from my dreamy lands, I realised there is NOTHING THAT MAKES OTHERS SMART. We are all the same. In search of an answer I reached to myself. I met myself.

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As Buddha said, “Apam Deepo Bhava”.

Lessons learned :

》Hear your own voice. I’m 100% sure no one really doesn’t know all the answers. All just pretend to be. You have to find your own.

》Somethings in life are accidental. Embrace them. They may be happening for a reason. They will take you to unconventional & unseen paths. Have the courage to follow them. 

Only uncertainty can lead to certainty in this otherwise uncertain world.

With Great Love,
Er. Amit Yadav



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