Do people really forget to eat when they work passionately?

Interestingly, I too never believed that we can be so engrossed in our work that we may even forget to eat!

But it does happens when you really become passionate about something. In the past, I have eaten dinner at 5 am or so!

The real situation is like you may be going to eat but out of no where you would receive a call/WhatsApp text demanding your attention. By the time you sort out the things it’s too late to eat.

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Sometimes, it a new idea or a strategy that clicks to your mind. You want to apply it almost immediately without wasting a second.
Entrepreneurs live in some other world though they may be present physically. Something keeps on going at the back of their mind.

The major problem with entrepreneurship is that you get stuck often. To get out of it you have to keep on thinking “how to”. Their is no range of questions whose answers one has to find as an entrepreneur:

What’s more can be done? How to get more money for investment? How to get into limelight? How to get media coverage? How to get a new recruit? 

But the only great thing I learned along my journey is that: IT’S FUN.

You will begin to enjoy the journey. Burning mid-night oils may hardly be a difficult task. You can go on working whole night without complaining. Call it deadlines, passion, or something else but it keeps you awake till late hours. That by all means is a big achievement.

There is other side of it too. Probably it happens only in cases when you get to do what you always wanted to do.

It is always emphasised that you must do what you love to do because life is really very short. What if your venture fails? At least the memories will always be their to cherish. Else it is very difficult to carry the combined weight of failures & “doing what you loathe to core”.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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