How to wrap up year 2016?

Everyone makes a resolution with the commencement of a new year. It is that with time we lose track of our resolutions & eventually we fail.

September is the right time to review the revolutions you made & how well you are following them.

There are still 4 months to go for the year 2016 to end. Even you can start afresh to give the requisite push to your resolutions.

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Wrapping up the year 2016:
1. At least learn a NEW SKILL.

2. Make 1 Major breakthrough in your career & personal life.

3. Read 16 new books i.e. one book/week.

Try to do something in these 4 months that you always wished to do but always postponed. 

Steps to be followed:

Communicate to the world. Put a status on your fb what you are going to do “it” in these 4 months.

It shall keep you on toes working hard to accomplish what you announced. 

Social pressure is good sometimes! Isn’t? 

The only rule of thumb you need to keep in mind is “Make Everyday Count”. There are 120+ days to go. If utilised optimally the results shall surprise you.

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You can achieve what you have never achieved in last few years in these just 120+ days.
The main focus must be to end 2016 on a good note i.e. with a good news. That will ascertain your year 2017 to be awesome.

Unsure of what I’m saying? Give it a try!

I have decided to go to extremes – I had never. But going for it. Will be working 15 hours each day & will be here to announce a good news here! 

Ha ha! What if I fail? I will still have A STORY TO TELL. 

PS- Please wrap up your year 2016 with a good news. Full stop.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

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