5 funny things about Work-from-Home.

It may seem to be a very nice idea to work-from-home. No mayhem. No rush to get up & go to the office. No need to dress formally. 

It may look very COOL from faraway. The reason because we don’t come across people doing work-from-home jobs we tend to have certain misconceptions about it.

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For majority the work-from-home is like a fairytale. Here are some painful yet funny realities of work-from-home:
1. You may end up working throughout the day.

You just need a laptop to carry on your work . When you get up in morning the most probable thing you do is checking your mailbox. Boom! 

What you see is that you have received multiple e-mails. Some seeking your attention related to payments while others for re-tuning of submitted assignments.
That’s how your day begins. The timing of your breakfast, lunch & dinner shall be dictated by work at hand. 

And instead of 9 to 5 job you may end up working till late hour.

2. People think you are jobless.

This is the most funny part. You will barely get respect for your work. There is a widespread misconception among general public that work-from-home is easy & doesn’t require any skill or expertise.

Few know that it requires multiple skills & continuous learning. 

The interesting thing is that initially when you start you may subscribe to more projects then you can handle in order to avoid joblessness for few days. 

3. No work-culture.

Work-from-home involves no work culture. It is another thing that people choose work-from-home due to absence of “work-culture” as it makes them believe that it’s all according to their whim.

But what one generally neglects is the power of deadlines which one has to abide by strictly. So, looking at work-from-home as “complete freedom” is ridiculous. You become the pawn of deadlines until you master the skill of striking a balance between projects taken & number of hours you can work.

4. No people-to-people connect. 

One works virtually. Interactions take place via e-mails, phone calls, hangouts or skype. Virtual interactions cannot replace the joy of real-life conversations. You may never feel connected to people though number of connections of have would increase exponentially. 

Virtual interactions may lead to frustrations as well. You may crave for interactions in real-life.

5. No hierarchy. 

Generally you are only guided by a single person. In rare cases you get to work in a team. Work-from-home is for people who embrace solitude. If you are people’s person you will find it difficult to continue.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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