One truth you are never told?

You will meet lots of people with money declaring that they have figured out the best way to live life.

They will go on any length to justify that “money” overrides everything. So, what they did in all their life was accumulating money.

One truth you are never told?

How much could they spend? Little. They saved all for their grandchildren.

You will be rarely told that YOU ARE DIVINE. While, you will always be told to value “money”.

How can “money” something created by humans be overvalued than humans?

So, no matter HOW YOU ARE DOING IN LIFE- you are divine.

May be you are at rock-bottom, may be relationships are sinking, may be you are worst in the eyes of society but you are still divine.

So, relax & live your life. If you are a hard-worker then you can make as much money as you wish in next 5-7 years from now.

1 decade of your life can make you billionaire. So, it’s unpractical to think too much about money when you are young.

You will never much really enjoy having all the luxuries of life- most carry it only because they believe that that makes them look cool. They are the people most afraid to lose money!

Because deep down they know all the fake respect, relationships & attention they receive is as long as they hold money (i.e. their ability to throw lavish parties).

If you are young then allow yourself to get lost. You will discover a level of consciousness that will allow you to excel in life far better than others in the long-term.

In our quest to accumulate money we lose track of life- to really live & experience it!

With Great Love,
Er. Amit Yadav

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