UPSC is an incredible examination that attracts the best candidates from every corner of the country.

The first thing that comes to mind about “UPSC” is thousands of candidates who prepare for it. The uniqueness about this examination is that it assesses you at 3 levels i.e prelims, mains & interview. Each level requires systematic preparation. Besides hard-work, one’s understanding of the surroundings, writing skills (*this is the most important) & personality plays a key role in selection.

Life@ UPSC

Life@preparation of UPSC

It is tough & exhausting. Since no one is damn sure of his/her selection so mild stress is common. Even if you get distracted from your studies for few hours- fear may start to grab you. You have to sacrifice many things to get into civil services.

As a human being, you will definitely get tired reading History, Geography, Polity, Economics, etc.

The reason is simple. You can love reading one of the subjects but what about other subjects? Yes, you have to do them forcefully. 

The struggle doesn’t end here. You have to READ OFTEN. When you read for the first time- it may be exciting as you wish to “know more”.

But when you are required to revise them again & again it becomes stale as you would have lost the interest by that time. Who loves to read the same thing again & again?

The story doesn’t end here. You have to follow the newspaper each day. New names, new places, new policies, new statements- you have to go through everything that seems important for UPSC. 

One thing is clear that your preparation won’t be smooth. You will have TOO MANY ups & downs.

Besides cramming lots of things you will also have to analyse many things in detail. As you read you forget many things as well. You may even find it difficult to recall what you might have just read few days back. That adds more stress to your life.

Not only this you have to cover up the whole syllabus which is huge. So, all in all if you prepare sincerely for UPSC you will become more patient, realistic & hard-working. You will experience enhanced power within you!

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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