7 reasons for why you should not use tinder?

1. Your time is limited.

It is futile to waste your time in looking for a quick-match. Relationships require time to build-up. Yes, there might be many successful stories@ tinder but likelihood of finding a diamond is “astronomically low”. It is because it’s like a market where you go to find what you are looking for. You can argue that it’s mutual. So is when you shop! (between customer & seller).

2. Filter.

If you expect to find unfiltered pics- you may end up disheartened. In this world there is really a need for people who can accept themselves how they look!

Trying to look like someone else has resulted in a chaos. Alas! the world is losing natural beauties. 

3. Dreams!

If you have a dream then you need to keep yourself away from tinder. You can only trust people who have seen you struggling & stood behind you when you were lost. You can make thousands of relationships in good times but few will pass the test of hard-times. So, why not restrict oneself to “good relationships you might have right now?”.

4. Phone sucks.

Phone can only provide you an escape from real life. It will never make you truly happy. It is far better to search for your partner in real-life. It will be of more value. In real-life you will get rejected that’s really where the learning is. There are NO REJECTIONS OVER TINDER. There is no option of chatting with a person whose proposal you are declining. So, you miss real-life rejections which may be accompanied by “You are a nice guy. But…..” It’s all different game & much more exciting & thrilling.

5. Everything is perfect.

Never cling to something that seems too much perfect. At tinder everything is perfect. Two people looking for a healthy relationship find each other. What’s wrong with that? Nothing can be more perfect than that. So, save your time & energy for right person. Because they will appear magically when you really need them.

6. Real-world.

If you are unable to find a good match for yourself it’s unlikely that you will find the same on tinder. It’s so because people on tinder are not from another planet. There are too many non-serious people in the world when it comes to relationships & in case of tinder you can double or triple the %age.

7. Easy route.

Never take an easy route in life. It can only make you weak & hollow along the journey. And when it comes to relationships choose very wisely. And if it is related to marriage then it’s more important than your career! Be sure you are looking at right place. Not where people are desperate. 

With Great Love,
Er. Amit Yadav



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