Don’t advice.

Don’t advice.

Early twenties is the age when most youngsters reach to maturity. Never lend an advice to a person who is of more than 20 in age. As by this age people develop sufficient understanding of life to differentiate between what’s real & what’s fake & what’s necessary & what needs to be ignored.


Don't advice.

Refrain yourself from lending advices. Many a times it may be tempting because you really care for a person. But still what others do is no longer an act of ignorance rather it’s their decision.

If someone is ruining his/her life- it’s a decision because he/she is very well aware of it. Why to waste your words over people who don’t even give their minimal efforts to convert advices into actions?

Also, implement & experiment your advices on yourself & to your life.
Give complete freedom to people to go on their journey as they have chosen it.

Another aspect is that you may be wrong at times. As a human being with time we all have categorized what’s good & what’s bad for ourselves based on our perception & experiences in life.

-some regard money as top priority so they value it the most
-some regard prestige as top priority so they value it the most
-some regard relationships as top priority so they value it the most
-some regard their work as the top priority so they could be found engaged in it most of the time
So, everyone has defined his way of life.

You only have power over your life. Meddling with others preferred way of life would be an encroachment to their rights. Everyone has just got one life so has complete freedom on to decide how he/she wants to life.

PS- Don’t advice until it is called for.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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