What content-writers cannot afford not to learn?

What content-writers cannot afford not to learn?

The job of content-writers is perceived to be easy. It is believed that folks with good writing skills can become consummate content-writer. The reality is far from what people believe.
Content writing is one of the most challenging jobs.


What content-writers cannot afford not to learn?

If you are writing a historical article then it has to be written in a manner that lovers of History shall enjoy reading. Your write-up has to be supported with relevant facts.
If you are writing a technical stuff then you have to write in a style that nerds are accustomed of. You have to refrain from using jargon or making it too general.
When writing for general public you have to avoid using flowery & complex language.
So, the point here I wish to make is that content-writers have to be very careful about the use of vocabulary, writing style & manner of presentation.

>Audience specific
You have to hone your skills to a level that you can write beautifully as per the audience demands. You can improve only when you start writing for a particular website on specific topics. They could be on lifestyle, health, fashion, motivation & so forth.

Each industry has its own jargon. With time you have to inculcate industry specific words. An expert reading your article will appreciate it only when it would be unambiguous & coherent.

Before you begin writing do your own research. Search out some good books & websites. Then use your logic & reasoning to take a standpoint. Write key points & later on just expand them.

There is huge demand for SEO friendly content-writers. So, you cannot just write what you wish to. You have to keep in mind what audience might be looking for.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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