Why success begets success?

Why success begets success?

Folks who attend prestigious graduating institutions perform fairly well in life. The reason behind that is “Success begets success”.

-1st Success.
Cracking a competitive examination at an early age is indicative of the will-power, maturity & the ability to delay gratification in order to realize one’s dreams.
The people who graduate from premier institutions of the nation have achieved their first success. This success alone cannot promise a very bright future. But certainly they have ability to work-hard & remain focused for more time than majority.
So, it serves as an edge over others wherever they go.


Success begets success.

-Your surroundings.
Your 1st success enables you to grow in an environment which is healthy & supports new ideas. It can be a life changing experience to get associated with people who are believed to be the cream of nation in their respective fields of study. The logic is that they think differently & are passionate about something. This passion is contagious. Hence, it creates an aura of “pursuing one’s dreams” as it is possible.
When you live in an environment where dreams are treated as impossible & risky it becomes hard to stick to your dreams as the journey at least requires 3-4 years of hard-work.

Not all graduating engineers are going to remain in the same field. Not all graduating doctors are going to remain in the same profession. Many will switch their profession out of various complex circumstances of life (*sometimes people use the word- Calling for it).
So, if you are from a premier institution then you will have connections in all nearly fields- writing, health-care, bureaucracy, journalism, etc. So, you can reach out to them whenever you need any information related to their field.

>What if you don’t study in any premier institution?

Strengthen your will-power. You don’t need connections & external environment to do fairly in life. You just need to get self-motivated. That will override everything else. So, stay positive & keep working hard.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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