Be like Sun.

Be like Sun.

Sun is the ultimate source of energy. Biomass which is the result of photosynthesis by autotrophs actually converts the energy of the Sun.
Wind results from the radiation of the Sun which can be harnessed as Wind Energy.
Tidal Energy results from the combined Gravitational pull of the Sun & the Moon. Solar energy is directly derived from solar radiations via PV cells. Ocean Thermal Energy is obtained due to differential heating of the upper surface (hot) & lower surface (cold) to different degrees by the Sun.
In a way non-conventional energy resources are manifestation of the Sun’s radiation.


Be like Sun.

Be like Sun. Be the most important driving force in life. Assume the responsibility & don’t just get dragged by the external forces.

Just as the rays of the Sun gently touches the lives of millions of living beings in the similar fashion let your presence be felt.
Let it touch, affect & improve the life of people where ever you go.

Your presence on Earth is not merely a coincident. So, make it count. Shine each day like Sun with brilliance & let the positive vibes in you serve in inspiring people around the globe to follow their dreams & live a meaningful life.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!

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