You only breathe what you inhale.

You only breathe what you inhale.

What you truly believe in is evident in your actions. The people who believe in the shortness of life try to cherish each moment of their life. They remain focused & dedicated for their purpose in life. Take the example of Mahatma Gandhi. He used to walk very swiftly to save time. He not only knew but also had absorbed the wisdom that life is short & that was apparent in the way he lived his life.


You only breathe what you inhale.

Most folks you will meet are double-standard. They will talk a lot about how life ends so promptly but shall hardly quit wasting their time on useless activities. It is not that we have very less time; the reason for shortness of life is that we waste so much time.

-Checking social networks multiple times each day.
-Engaging in meaningless conversations (there is nothing more ridiculous than two people hating each other & yet conversing with each other as they are uncomfortable being silent).

Do you know what kind of people are the most-productive? The ones who had inhaled great ideas for so long that they have now become the part & parcel of their lives.

The people who can beat procrastination have absorbed the ideas which prompt them to take right actions. What happens with majority is that merely know that:
-they need to study hard
-they need to persevere
-they need to be creative
-they need to work-hard
-they need to engage in self-learning
-they need to utilize their time effectively
-they need to be risk-friendly
-they need to be passionate about their dreams

But they hardly follow or take the requisite actions. That is just the reflection of “mere knowing” & lack of proper understanding.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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