What Russell Wilson learned from his father?

What Russell Wilson learned from his father?

Russell Wilson’s father often told him that “Potential just means you haven’t done it yet”.
In your journey of life you will meet lots of people with talent, potential & caliber. But you will watch them failing in life. It is because having “potential” is no power. Turning potential into actions & obtaining results is.


What Russell Wilson learned from his father?

>What potential do you have?
We all are endowed with some unique abilities & talents. Regard them as just potential power. Your life cannot be changed until you work upon these abilities & talents.

Don’t be like the most people who fail to harness their potential in life. They keep on failing & curse their destinies.
They fail to realize that work-hard in each phase of life is necessary. Many skills might come to you naturally. But until & unless you work on polishing & improving them you cannot out-work a person putting more efforts than you.

Use this day to identify your potential. Once you figure out what you are good at the next step is to getting better at it. Devote yourself single-mindedly on honing it.

And never in life forget that at the core of a successful life lies hard-work. So, never shy away from hard-work. Else your potential shall get unused & untapped.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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