How many “NO” you will recieve on the path to your dreams?

How many “NO” you will receive on the path to your dreams?

It depends upon your dreams. The bigger your dreams- the more shall be the number of failures. So, get comfortable with NO’s & failures. In order to achieve your dreams you will first need to achieve your goals successfully. You will fail multiple times. But each time you will have to convince yourself to get up & start again.


How many NO you will receive on the path to your dreams?

If you wish to marry a beautiful & outstanding girl- first you have to be outstanding!
If you wish to earn 20K p.m. then with little efforts you can make that sum of money monthly. But if it is 2 L p.m. then you will have to engage in self-learning & will need to acquire the requisite skills & that shall be time-taking.

If you wish to be number 1 in your field then you have to do what you do with so much passion & energy that no one in your field puts in.

No one can change your destiny. Only you can!
Irrespective of how many NO’s life throws back at you. Never keep improving & working upon your dreams.
More the NO’s you receive more closer you get towards your dreams (*the only condition is that you have worked on improving your strategy & put in lots of hard-work).

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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