How I wrote 2 lakh words on my blog?

How I wrote 2 lakh words on my blog?

Writing becomes easy once you start liking it. I started writing with daily goal to jot down 500 words each day. On most days I succeeded in accomplishing the daily quota of writing.
Initially it was hard. With passage of time it became easy-going. Next goal is to practice creative writing. I shall be brushing up with my skills so that I succeed in writing an enthralling & captivating novel.
Mostly I wrote on motivational stuff. So, haven’t yet achieved a good level in describing scenes & characters.


How I wrote 2 lakh words on my blog?

>How to achieve something BIG.
If you want to achieve something BIG then break that BIG into smaller daily goals over 2-3 years.
Once you have fixed your daily quota don’t think about future. Just focus on fulfilling daily quota.
On some days you must work-hard more because there shall be days when you won’t be able to achieve your daily goals.

Suppose Reading lots of books is your long-term goal. You can break this long-term goal as to read 1 BOOK IN EVERY 4 DAYS.
To your amazement you would have read over 90 books in a year!
That’s the power of EACH Day. The best way I have known to get better at anything is by doing it each day.
So, what is it that you wish to get better at?
Is it writing? Then write each day. Is it public speaking? Devote from few minutes to few hours each day to practice the art of public speaking.

Don’t wait. Just start your journey from today!

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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