Play the game of life like chess.

Play the game of life like chess.

Your time is limited & every move you make counts. It is not only necessary that you watch out your actions but also the actions of people you are surrounded with.
Not all shall like you & may try to harm you. Not all are going to be in your favor no matter how much you help them out with their lives.


Play the game of life like chess.

>Apply the principles of chess.
-Do not share your “strategy” with anyone. Whom you open up with must be trustable & a good friend of yours tested over time.

-Gauge the minute changes.
Sudden & abrupt changes might be reflection of something sinister cooking up against you. Be cautious about the tiny changes taking place around you. Somehow they are going to determine how things shall proceed in near future. It is the minute changes over time that results into catastrophes in your life. So, keep eyes on little changes happening around you.

-Keep yourself mysterious.
You have to work without attracting attention. Else people shall judge you & at times it may invite trouble in the form of delay. If you are random & mysterious then only few shall be able to predict your next move. In this way your path remains the least resistant.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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