How to work like James Bond in real-life?

How to work like James Bond in real-life?

>Information about you.
In public domain it is desirable that “less information” is available about you. The more the information available in public domain the greater is the probability of misuse. So, the only information that MUST be in public domain:
-your skill-sets
-your qualifications
You can share more & it totally depends upon you.


How to work like James Bond in real-life?

>Friend circle/Extended Family Member/Brother.
Hide the “information” about how you met someone or how you know someone. The best way to do so is by referring to males as “Brother” & females as “extended family member”.
Doing so makes it difficult for “others” to predict or guess how you are related to everyone else. Hence, it allows you to be on safer side.

>Travelling with purpose.
Keep it a secret when, where & why you are travelling as far as possible. The purpose shouldn’t be disclosed.

Never talk about deals you have with other person. Many a times it shall happen that you will have “deals” or “mutual understandings” with other person. Keep it limited between you & the other person. It could be as simple as working on a project together. If the information gets leaked in the public domain it might affect the progress of the project.

The only thing that is worth learning from James Bond is that you have to keep yourself mysterious. You have to work without attracting attention.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

Life is easy..!


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